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CodeMeasure by SAFE Corporation

SAFE Corporation is the leading supplier of forensic software solutions for comparison and analysis of software. To find out more about SAFE and our forensic products and services visit us at

SAFE developed CodeMeasure to create a language independent and more accurate tool for measuring how software changes over time. Not only does CodeMeasure provide the typical lines of code metrics, but also analyzes and quantifies the changed lines of code from version to version.

Measuring software evolution

Tracking software development progress is important for improving the development process. Unfortunately, many solutions for measuring software provide inconsistent results because of positional algorithms. SAFE Corporation developed CodeMeasure to deliver accurate and consistent metrics while maintaining language independence so one tool can measure any line-based language project.

With SAFE's CodeMeasure solution, you can compare two or more versions of software and track the evolution of the code across all versions. CodeMeasure identifies changes in the code, considering both modified and added lines and reports on code growth and continuity.

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